March 11, 2011

where was I?

I know I have been quite lazy when it comes to writing new entries for my blog lately. But I do solemnly promise amendment!

Well, what happened in the last 2 months? The most important thing would be the beginning of my 52 weeks project on Flickr. After careful consideration I have decided to pause with model photography for now and to focus on creative image editing instead. I had a small crisis when realizing that normal studio photography was no longer fun for me and I had already agreed to do a lot of shootings of this type. Meanwhile, all remaining photo shoots have been completed or canceled. The results of 3 are still up to postprocessing, but after that I will have free reign for my new project. Sure, I'll realize some selected projects in which I will only be behind the camera, but those will be limited.

What else? My Yongnuo flash broke in early January. After just 2 months of use. Unfortunately, warranty claims in China are not quite as accurate as ours, so I couldn't get a free replacement from neither the dealer nor the manufacturer. Against all common sense I've ordered another YN560. What can I say? The price performance ratio is unbeatable and I really love the acoustic ready signal. However, I've been looking for a Chinese trader with a German representative this time. So far I am very satisfied with the service at Check it out if you're interested in cheap Yongnuo flash units.

Right then. I'll keep you posted.

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