August 26, 2011

the anatomy of a shot - 34/52 - upsy-daisy

Don’t you like it when a plan totally works out? I’m so happy inspiration came early this week. I wish I could say images like these hit me when watching a splatter movie or maybe when standing in line at the butcher’s. But I really can’t tell where this one came from. It was just there. Maybe I'm a troubled soul and I need to get in touch with my inner self to figure out what I'm trying to compensate with a picture like this...

final image

August 25, 2011

lights! camera! action!

As some of you might know I was attending a portrait photography class at our local adult education center about a year ago. While the tutor was very sympathetic and anxious to teach us the basics of modern portrait photography he had no concept whatsoever and the class was disjointed and confusing. Having been a software consultant for over 7 years, teaching countless of classes how to use my employers software, I kept wondering what I would do differently. That's when the idea of teaching an own photography class some day was born.

August 19, 2011

the anatomy of a shot - 33/52 - rest

Yeah, I know. This is probably not my best work. It didn't quite turn out the way I intended. And I almost ditched it to shoot something completely different. But after investing a certain amount of time, there's no turning back...

The thing I like the most about creating images like these is the way you get to learn about balancing color and light of the different components. Although I couldn't achive a perfect result I'm satisfied with the outcome nonetheless. 

final image 

blog 2.0

You know what? I've been thinking. Yeah, I know that alone is a masterly performance, but as it turned out I even came to a result. I've been thinking a lot about how I could breathe new life into my blog and to create something more interesting. Then I started following Tracey Barrow's newly launched blog and I immediately recognized what she was doing right (and I was doing terribly wrong). Not only did she put some thought into a slick design, she also mixes up photography with personal stuff, which makes her blog so enjoyable to read.