August 26, 2011

the anatomy of a shot - 34/52 - upsy-daisy

Don’t you like it when a plan totally works out? I’m so happy inspiration came early this week. I wish I could say images like these hit me when watching a splatter movie or maybe when standing in line at the butcher’s. But I really can’t tell where this one came from. It was just there. Maybe I'm a troubled soul and I need to get in touch with my inner self to figure out what I'm trying to compensate with a picture like this...

final image

Anyway, after being slightly unsatisfied with the results of the past two weeks I went back to familiar ground. Which meant a rather solid lighting setup and (almost) no experiments. The outfit is one of the great advantages of my father-in-law being head of the local drama group. Naturally, being the good son-in-law I am, I'm part of this group, too. You should see one of our humoristic stage plays we do each year around Easter. Great fun. Also a good explanation for having a supply of artificial blood...

See that facial expression? This is exactly the face I made yesterday evening when my PC was suddenly unable to find my hard disk array (2 mirrored 1 TB hard disks). Needless to say it's the one where all my pictures are stored on. After a lot of sweating and a lot more swearing I figured out how to rebuild it. So instead of uploading this week’s picture I spent the evening tinkering with my PC. This morning the process was complete and luckily everything seems to be just fine. And I eagerly hope it stays that way...

Oh and no zucchini was hurt during the making of this picture!

hand holding zucchini
hand posture with hatchet and soon-to-be stump
alternate head (replacing my head was nothing I had intended, but I needed the hand posture of one and the facial expression of another picture)

raw meat stock photo
lighting setup (add an umbrella to the front left, just outside of the frame)


  1. Thanks for the decomposition Marco. Very useful information and a great result.

    I'm thinking about one of the Synology products like the DS211 or DS411 for my photographs as both backup and remote access of them. Trouble is, that kind of money buys some decent photography equipment O_O

  2. Oh, I've spent a lot of thought and investigation on external storage solutions. The major downside of all these solutions is you have to make periodic backups. A process which requires dicipline and a running PC (which is pretty much useless for the time of the backup). That's why i decided to go for a an internal, redundant storage solution. Thus I have high speed access to my data without having to think about backups. The best thing would be to invest in another hard disk to run a Raid 5 array, but a Raid 1 array is as good as it gets by now. And there's no 100% data safety after all.