August 19, 2011

blog 2.0

You know what? I've been thinking. Yeah, I know that alone is a masterly performance, but as it turned out I even came to a result. I've been thinking a lot about how I could breathe new life into my blog and to create something more interesting. Then I started following Tracey Barrow's newly launched blog and I immediately recognized what she was doing right (and I was doing terribly wrong). Not only did she put some thought into a slick design, she also mixes up photography with personal stuff, which makes her blog so enjoyable to read.

As you can probably see I tried to tweak my design a little. I'm no design guru, so cut me some slack, okay? Contentwise I decided to get more personal, too. I will still upload my pictures solely on Flickr (I just love the community there) but I will elaborate on my shots exclusively on my blog.

Another thing buzzing in my mind is videos. Not only tutorials but some creative stuff, too. Therefore I've launched a new YouTube channel for future publications.

And on a side note, my wife and I decided to renovate our kitchen and bath until the end of the year. I'm afraid this will cut a big slice out of my time available for doing my photography but I swore to myself never ever to fall behind on my project. Let's hope the best.


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