September 16, 2011

37/52 - floatographer - setup

Hi folks! Just a quick setup shot for my latest 52 weeks entry on Flickr. The background is made from scratch in Photoshop. I added a shark stock image from stock.xchng.

final image
Just one Yongnuo YN560 with a blue filter at 1/1 power zoomed to 50 mm shot into a Westcott collapsible umbrella from above.


  1. You NEVER fail to make me smile! I love how you work with light and experiment with your shots, you truly are inspirational!

    Hope the shark didn't nip your bum ;)

  2. You should jump in the shower first before taking the shot, just for realistic purpose ;) ....also I like the idea of using the snoot on the flash, I need to experiment with this when shooting trough umbrella.