November 4, 2010

getting excited!

Do you know that feeling? You got a photoshoot scheduled and the closer you get to the planned date the more excited you get. Is everything prepared? Are you up to the game? And, in case you haven’t met the model yet, how will the chemistry be?

Tomorrow will be the day. I still have to get me a nice, long chain but I assigned my wife to the task and she knows how to get certain things from time to time. I’ve already met the model at a get-together of the german internet platform, so no tension there. We will try to imitate the look of a movie poster I like (she’s a perfect look-alike of the leading actress) and I’ve analyzed the reference regarding camera position and lighting. The biggest task will be the postprocessing but hey, I wanted to step up my game, didn’t I? I’ve asked a Photoshop virtuoso and friend of mine (be sure to check out his awesome portfolio at to assist me when worse comes to worse, but I think I’ll give it a try by myself first.

When the final picture is finished I’ll be posting its development on this blog. So stay tuned!

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