November 1, 2010

why oh why?

Another blog. Just what the world needed. For what, you might ask? Well, mostly to put down my thoughts on photography in general and on my journey as a photographer in particular.

Inspired by tons and tons of outstanding pictures on Flickr I’ve started getting (seriously) interested in (people) photography in November 2009. It wasn’t long until I stumbled upon David Hobby’s weblog “” and that’s when the shutterbug seriously bit me. I got a small loan from a relative to buy my first equipment. A DSLR, two strobes and lightstands. And I redecorated a barely used storage room in our cellar to become my small, but very own, photo studio. I accustomed myself to gear and lighting, moving quickly from photographing relatives to connecting with models via the german internet platform “”. I don’t know where this journey will take me but I sure as hell enjoy the ride.

Stay tuned!

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