November 3, 2010

quo vadis?

Nothing is as constant as change. This motto has accompanied me all my life and there is probably no more fundamental truth than this. In terms of my photographic journey, I have the feeling of having arrived at a turning point. I gained my experience in studio and outdoor photography, I learned to efficiently use appropriate software for image processing and I think you could say I can handle the lighting and retouching of a portrait.

For a long time, image editing was the necessary evil for giving my images the final touch. A portrait without retouching is still inconceivable to me, but it has more and more become a tool than a threat. The more I learned working with this tool, the more I discovered its creative possibilities. And with these possibilities comes creativity. My head is bursting with ideas right now. Still more in a matter of “What do I have to do in post-processing?” than “What can I do in post-processing?”, but more out-of-the-box than my usual approach on portrait photography. I started making scribbles of my ideas, sometimes not even remotely sure how to achieve them.

But I will go outside the envelope. I will suck up knowledge like a dried up sponge. And I will most definitely publish one or another experiment in form of a self-portrait.


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